TRANSPLANT | Dr. Pravin Suryawanshi

Organ transplantation and organ donation

The long wait of Marathwada region for a program to serve patients in need of organ transplant was over thanks to the active steps taken by MGM Medical College in Aurangabad. The year 2010 saw the establishment of an organ transplant center and where the first kidney transplant was carried out in 2011.

The initiation of the Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayi Yojana enabled us to provide transplant services to all irrespective of their financial condition. MGM has become the only Medical College along with SGS Medical College Mumbai to have successfully carried out 100 transplants in 5 years at lowest cost of transplant in the State of Maharashtra.

MGM Medical performed the first successful kidney transplant in May 2012. In the same year a total of five kidney transplants were performed. It was realized that to increase awareness of organ donation active steps have to be taken about awareness about living as well as cadaver donation. Various activities were undertaken on World kidney days and organ donation days. MOHAN foundation which successfully implemented organ donor awareness program also contributed in increasing awareness about organ donation among staff members in the institute.

Religious Gurus, film stars, bureaucrats and trustees were actively involved in organ donor awareness programs. Games were organized for transplant patients and living donors and relatives of cadaver donors were felicitated. The kidney transplantation rate increased from 2014 and we could complete 50 transplants in the first half of 2016. As a recognition of these achievements Govt. of Maharashtra nominated Dr. Sudhir Kulkarni, Professor and head of Nephrology was nominated as Chairman of Zonal transplantation coordination center (ZTCC)for Marathwada region and MGM Medical college became the office of ZTCC. MGM Medical College provided all the facilities for functioning of ZTCC like space, man power, computers and trained transplant coordinator.

The constitution of ZTCC boosted organ donation awareness activities. Every attempt was made to reach every strata of society. The message of organ donation was spread to school children, college students, industrial workers and even uneducated people in villages. All conferences in MGM Medical College were covered to get organ donation cards and consent forms filled from delegates. With these activities going on the transplant program was making progress and fifty more transplants performed in 2016 and 2017.

We have been actively involved in establishing a cadaver transplant program in this region. We were successful in performing 4 cadaver organ retrievals. We retrieved a total of sixteen organs. We successfully transplanted 10 organs (8 kidneys and two livers). We were able to allocate 16 organs to other hospitals (1 heart, 8 kidneys, 3 livers and 6 eyes). In March 2017, MGM Medical College got permission to perform liver transplant and we performed two liver transplants under the leadership of Dr. Pravin Suryawanshi, our able gastrointestinal surgeon. We were able to get young hemato oncologist Dr. Manoj Toshniwal who performed two bone marrow transplants in 2018.

We have witnessed a success story of dedicated team and positive attitude of management which have changed the picture of the region of Marathwada in the field of organ transplantation and cadaver organ donation. We know the sky’s the limit for our efforts and we are sure that we will be able to service poor and needy patients of Marathwada who were deprived of quality of services at affordable cost.

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